Here are some answers to some general questions you might have.

What is the benchtop made of and how will it handle the elements?

All Claytons Alfresco benchtops are made of natural granite which is capable of withstanding the elements and extreme temperatures of the Australian outdoors.

Will the sun or UV rays discolour my cabinetry?

As with all natural and processed materials they will respond to ageing. However, we have UV inhibitors in our products to restrict the ageing as much as possible.

What happens if my floor is uneven?

Our Alfresco is designed with adjustable legs to cater for uneven surfaces and out of level floors.

Can I have my Claytons Alfresco kitchen in the open (not under cover)?

Yes, the Claytons Alfresco can be used outdoors, in the open as the materials used in our cabinetry can withstand all weather conditions. You might consider the design of your BBQ though, as a design free of electrical appliances would better suit such a need.

Can I have my electrical appliances in the open (not under cover)?

No, it is hazardous to do so and is not recommended. Our warranty will not cover the effects of rain or water on electrical products.

Will direct sunlight affect the performance of my Beverage Cooler?

Glass door beverage coolers can have your drinks affected by direct sunlight over time. For storing drinks permanently where direct sunlight may shine through a glass door unit, we recommend a solid door unit instead, that offers greater shielding.

What appliances should I choose?

Choose from the appliances on offer. The Claytons Alfresco cabinetry has been designed around these appliances to meet Australian and gas regulations.

Can I add electrical outlets?

Yes, electrical points can be added inside cabinets and on splashback areas in consultation with your electrician.

What type of gas connection do I choose?

Depending on your requirements you can choose between a natural gas connection or a LPG gas bottle. When LPG gas is chosen we supply a specially designed cabinet with air vents that meet gas regulations.

What are the frames made of?

The frames are made of steel which offers solid construction. Claytons Alfresco frames are built strong from galvanized hot-dipped zinc-coated sheet metal with a colour powder coated frame fascia.

What maintenance is required with the Alfresco kitchen?

The Claytons Alfresco kitchen only needs a wipe down with a soft damp cloth after use. In addition, we recommend regular cleaning of the Alfresco to keep it free of dust and stains from the elements. Please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines for further information and safe operation of your product.

What warranty is included?

We offer a 2-year warranty on all cabinetry, benchtops and appliances.

Note that electrical appliances must not be exposed to rain or water as resulting damage will not be covered by warranty. Please refer our terms and conditions page for more details.

Will the sun or UV rays affect the appearance of my benchtops?

Granite is a natural stone product that will vary in colour, shade, grain and vein movement from slab to slab. With exposure to UV rays over time, some colour variation may occur.