Consider The Regulations Don’t Compromise on Safety

Does your Alfresco BBQ area conform?

Safety Considerations

Safety measures for using Gas in outdoor BBQ kitchens

The following information is an excerpt from the Australian/New Zealand Standard™ document AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 for the safe installation of gas appliances in outdoor BBQ kitchens. It is presented as a guide only to assist you with the planning and creation of your outdoor BBQ kitchen. Claytons Alfresco take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and recommend that you seek independent advice from your relevant Energy Safety Government Authority.

There are government agencies in each Australian state that regulate gas safety. They set legal standards related to the use of gas appliances indoors, outdoors, and in semi-enclosed spaces such as alfresco areas. These minimum requirements must be adhered to when creating your outdoor BBQ kitchen. We advise you to contact your gas regulatory body for clarification on the standards in your state and how they might apply to you.

It is best to install your BBQ away from plants or combustible materials. Consider your safety and direct smoke away from your home and your neighbors as best as possible. There are dangers to using gas appliances in enclosed spaces and it is important that you consider the risks. The consequences can be lethal if the gas appliances are not designed for indoor use. The main risks are gas inhalation, oxygen deprivation, and fire. So, it is vital that you determine if your Alfresco area can be classed as outdoors and not indoors before you proceed. Use the visual information below to see how you might conform.


The following figures are diagrammatical representations of outdoor areas as described in the definition in the Australian/New Zealand Standard™ AS/NZS 5601.1:2013. The areas used in these figures are examples of minimum requirements and the same principles apply to any other shaped area.

The area has walls on all sides but at least one permanent opening at ground level and no overhead cover.

Ca Safety Fig 01@2x

The area has a partial enclosure that includes an overhead cover and no more than two walls.

Ca Safety Fig 02@2x
Ca Safety Fig 03@2x

The area is partially enclosed including an overhead cover and three or more walls with at least 25% of the total wall area completely open AND at least 30% of the remaining wall area is open and unrestricted.

Ca Safety Fig 04@2x
Ca Safety Fig 05@2x

For more information, we recommend that you seek independent advice from your relevant Energy Safety Government Authority.

See our Pre-Install Check to Determine Suitability of an Outdoor Space page for guidance on how to safely locate a Claytons Alfresco BBQ in your outdoor space.

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