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Claytons Alfresco means Claytons Alfresco Pty Ltd ABN 51 613 605 780 and its “related bodies corporate” as that term is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). 


 At Claytons Alfresco, we stand behind our workmanship and the quality of our goods and services. 

We are committed to meeting our obligations to you under the Australian Consumer Law. 

Ca 10year 2year Warranty 400



In accordance with your rights, and our obligations, under the Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled that any goods you purchase from us: 

  • are of acceptable quality; 
  • are fit for a particular purpose; and 
  • match their description. 

Additionally, any services you purchase from us: 

  • will be carried out with an acceptable level of care and skill; 
  • be fit for a particular purpose; and 
  • be supplied within a reasonable time.


Once we provide you with the goods, it is your responsibility to take good care of these goods, including by following the Care Instructions (see: 

If you do not do this, and a defect or damage arises as a result, you may not have any right to a remedy from us for those goods.

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our goods, as you can appreciate, natural materials – such as a stone – contain inherent natural characteristics, which are not within our control.


If we do not meet the guarantees to you in relation to our goods, then we will either: 

  1. replace your goods or supply equivalent goods; 
  2. repair your goods; 
  3. pay the costs of replacing your goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or 
  4. pay the costs of having the goods repaired. 


You may not make a claim under this warranty unless the claim is due to faulty or defective parts or workmanship. Claytons Alfresco is not liable in the following situations (Which are not exhaustive): 

(a) The Claytons Alfresco is damaged by: 

  • Accident 
  • Misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service 
  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Power surges, electrical storm damage or incorrect power supply (Act of God) 
  • Incorrect, improper or inappropriate operation 
  • Insect or vermin infestation 
  • Failure to comply with any additional instructions supplied with the alfresco or appliances 

(b) The alfresco is modified or relocated without authority from Claytons Alfresco, which must be in writing 

(c) The appliance serial numbers or warranty seal has been removed or defaced 

(d) The alfresco or appliances were serviced or repaired by anybody other than Claytons Alfresco or supporting partners. 


In order to make a claim under these guarantees, you must, as soon as is reasonably practicable after you notice the defect or damage to the goods: 

  1. notify us at:;
  2. provide us with evidence that the goods were purchased from us (such as a receipt, tax invoice or bank statement showing the transaction); and 
  3. allow us, our employees, agents or contractors, to inspect the goods either at your site or by delivering them (at your expense) to our site. 

We will then determine what remedy you should receive, in accordance with our obligations under the Australian Consumer Law and any further remedy we deem appropriate in the circumstances.